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Samba File Server

During your install of Ubuntu 8.04 server, one of the install options was Samba File server.  This allows you to setup “shares” on your Ubuntu LAMA server for easy file transfer from your Windows machine.

To setup Samba, we will be making changes to the smb.conf file, samba’s configuration file.

To get started:
Use Putty to connect to your LAMA server.

First lets make a directory that we can share, and set the group and permissions

sudo mkdir /asp_net
sudo chgrp admin /asp_net
sudo chmod g+w /asp_net

Now onto our smb.conf file:

1.) It is always best to make a copy of your existing smb.conf file – just in case.

cd /etc/samba/


sudo cp smb.conf old_smb.conf

2.)Open the smb.conf in your favorite text editor.  We will use pico.

sudo pico smb.conf

3.)Put the following lines at the end of the smb.conf file,  This will setup simple permissions for the admin group of Ubuntu server.  For more information on Samba configuration, see Samba’s web site.

           comment = app folder
           path = /asp_net/
           read only = no
           valid users = @admin
           write list = @admin
           browseable = yes

4.) CTRL-X to close, Y to save the file

5.) Restart Samba

sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart

Setting up the User for Samba

Samba needs to know the password for your username.  This is the username that you setup during installation, by default Ubuntu puts your username in the admin group.

sudo smbpasswd {your username}

then it will ask you for your current password.

Then Samba should be ready.  To test, open up your network places and put \\{your-ubuntu-ip-address} in the address bar.

You should see asp_net folder.  Double click, and try to make a new folder in asp_net.
If you can, then you completed samaba configuration successfully.

If not check the smb.conf file for any mistakes, and restart samba. (sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart)

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