Support Post for DVD to BlackBerry

Please put all bugs and support issues here for the DVD to Blackberry Converter.

The DVD to Blackberry Converter is provided at no charge, please remember that when posting bugs!

Thank You very much!


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17 thoughts on “Support Post for DVD to BlackBerry”

  1. The screenshot is of a Windows product; will this ever be available for the Mac (Snow Leopard)? Thanks, looks like a great program.

  2. I have downloaded the dvd to my computer and had forgotten to enable mass storage and coulnt convert dvd to bberry. now have enabled but dont know how to retrieve the simle steps to download movie onto bberry?

  3. If the program did not find your blackberry at the end of conversion, it will place it on your PC. Usually in your my documents\bb Videos folder.
    To move over manually, open your MyComputer, Double click on the USB access drive (sometimes E:or F:) and copy into the BlackBerry\Videos folder.
    When you disconnect the USB, your blackberry will search the flash drive again.

  4. thanx for your help! Its very important that you tell the consumer in large letters that they must enable all storage options in memory. after I did that it worked like a dream! this is great, let me know if there is any way in which I can help? I have a 9630 from verizon and running
    Thank you

  5. The slowdown really comes from the compression not so much the DVD reading. I found that it works the fastest on high-power multi-processor computers. I am looking into making it faster for the next revision. Can’t promise anything.

  6. When attempting a conversion I get “The program is having trouble converting this DVD” message. Is this a copy-protect issue?


  7. Yes, most likely it is due to the copy protection. Most Sony DVD’s will cause this to happen. This is being worked on for the next version.

  8. everything went fine till i tried to play on bb. got an “error playing” message. any ideas??

  9. Hi, Many of the DVD’s I have ripped to my BB Storm have worked flawlessly. There are several DVD’s that the ripping process ends in under two minutes and it says the process is complete. What has happened is it just recorded the main menu file with its moving graphics. This problem has happened with “Behind Enemy Lines” and “Animusic 2”. Is there a way to force the program to bypass the video in the menu and copy the rest of the DVD instead?

    This problem only seems to happen on 30% of the DVD’s that I have attempted. Your input is appreciated, please keep up the good work.
    Regards, Clark

  10. Thanks Clark, The next revision should allow you to choose the starting chapter. Should get you through those pesky menus. Check back soon.

  11. Good Morning,

    I saw your posting on and also sent a reply there about this issue. I am very happy that you have come out with an updated version for my Blackberry Storm. As I posted earlier, I have had much success but some newer DVD’s were giving me problems. It would appear that you have addressed these issues in your update. I am running Windows XP SP3 with IE8. When I attempted to put my name and e-mail address in so that I could get the download link, I received an “error on page” message at the bottom of the browser window and it does not appear that you received my request. If you can send me the link to the e-mail I supplied to you when I first downloaded the beta version, I would appreciate that. Once I use the updated version, I will be happy to post my thoughts regarding this new version from the perspective of a BlackBerry Storm 1 user.

    Best Regards,


  12. I have a T-Mobile 8900, I had no troubles downloading the movie but when I went to play it gave me an error playing message and said that it did not recogonize the video format. At the top of the converter page when converting the movie the text bar say DVD to Droid, but I downloaded the DVD to Blackberry version. Can you help?

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