Blackberry Storm 5.0 OS Review!

I have had the Blackberry Storm since Feb 09, and all I can say is WOW.

I have written reviews about the storm, some with my disappointment with the lack of WiFi, and some


with how I really wished the Operating System on the Storm better suited the

Enter OS 5.0 for Blackberry.  This is the update I was waiting for all my Blackberry life.  The phone seems to have waken up from a yearlong slumber, to now become the phone it was meant to be on day one.  Let me tell you, I am really happy Verizon chose to throw us Storm owners a bone before the new Storm 2 came out.

One of the features in 5.0 that I am really impressed with is the flick scrolling.  The iPhone has had this since day 1, and my first impression of the storm was lacking when I found out that it could not flick.  Now with 5.0 your finger movements go along way with flicks that will take you thru a list in a much smoother, and faster fashion.  Very nice.

The overall snappiness of the phone is another great feature I am really enjoying with 5.0.  Screen clicks take you where you want to go quickly, and seemingly more accurate too.  Moving thru the menus is now enjoyable, and I find myself going thru them for no reason – just for fun.

Although not specific to the 5.0 os, the Blackberry App World seems to really enjoy living in the 5.0 os.  When It first came out, the App World was an excersize in futility. It was slow, sometimes buggy and just not the experience I was used to in an ‘App Store’.  After many updates to Blackberr App World itself, and the OS upgrade, App World is now a much more enjoyable experience.  I can click thru the categories and load app descriptions with ease, which may be a bad thing cause I may find myself wanting to buy ‘apps for that’ all the time.

The phone quality and network quality seem the same, if not a little better under 5.0.  Browsing is nice, not quite where the iPhone is, but at least it seems like RIM is working on that with the aquisition of a webkit rendering software company.  One can only hope that they can have a quality browser soon, that will really complete this device.

All in all, I am now very pleased with my Blackberry storm.  In a funny way, making the Blackberry Storm so much more enjoyable makes me want to go out and get the Storm 2.

Author: Nick Jolin

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