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Apache Web Server

During your install of Ubuntu 8.04 server, one of the install options was LAMP Server.  This installs Apache, Mysql and PHP. 

To setup Apache, we will adding a file to the apache sites-available directory on the LAMA server.

To get started:
Use Putty to connect to your LAMA server.

1.) Change to the Apache sites-avaliable config directory

cd /etc/apache2/sites-available

2.) Add a file for your site

sudo pico testsite

3.)Pico will open a blank file.  Add the following to create a configuration entry for your site.

    Listen 81
    NameVirtualHost *:81
    <VirtualHost *:81>
    DocumentRoot /asp_net/testsite


This is a simple config, for more extensive configuration options, please see Apache’s Web site.

Apache will listen for requests on port 81, and will look in your asp_net folder.

4.) Now tell apache to load that site into its config.

sudo a2ensite testsite

This makes a link to this file, and puts it into the sites-enabled directory.

5.)Reload Apache

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload


Testing it out:

Now from your browser type:

http://{your LAMA server IP address}:81


You should see your site in Apache!


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