Installing Mono on your Ubuntu 8.04 LAMA Server


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The Script has put together a script for you to help with your Mono source install.  With help fromSean’s Mental Walkabout Mono Script and some changes to make it Ubuntu specific.  This script will download all necessary software required to compile and install mono.

It will also download and install the mod_mono apache module, and setup your apache to recognize websites.

This script is specific to Ubuntu 8.04LTS. It may work on other Ubuntu verisions but has not been tested.

To get started:
Use Putty to connect to your LAMA server.

Run the following commands from the Ubuntu command line:

1.)Download the script from

sudo wget

2.) Run the script

sudo sh

This will start alot of commands.  You will have to watch it for the first few minutes to tell the package manager to download needed packages.

When it is done downloading packages, it will go out to the internet and download the source files and compile.  This will take some time.  

At the end of the script, you should have a complete working LAMA server.


Next in tutorial: .. Setting up Samba File sharing to copy your windows files to your LAMA server


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  1. It seems the is nolonger hosted, possible you can tell me where else I can find this?

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