Enabling USB file access on your Blackberry

blackberry-storm-touch-screen[1]The DoTheWeb.net DVD to Blackberry Converter tool uses the USB file access to copy the completed file over to your Blackberry.  To enable USB file access on your blackberry follow the steps below.  The steps will be as seen on a Blackberry Storm, others should be similar;

  • Navigate to the options button.
  • From within options, choose Memory
  • In Memory, Make sure:
  • Media Card Support is: ON
  • Mass Storage Mode Support is : ON
  • Auto Enable Mass Storage mode When Connected is : YES

You may need to do a battery pull on your Blackberry if your computer does not recognize the USB drive after these steps are completed.



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2 thoughts on “Enabling USB file access on your Blackberry”

  1. i have try it..and success..but the one dvd i have problem…the picture is on..but the sound is not..so like watch a movie without a sound…why that happen? thx before

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