IMO Alternative that’s actually worth using on iPhone

UPDATE: Now IMO doesn’t support ANY third party chatting apps.  🙁  The alternative is still going strong, and still very much recommend it.

IMO was one of the best instant messaging apps for iPhone and iPad until recently when they lost skype and 3rd party support.

There is all kinds of blame going around the web.  People saying Skype and Microsoft shut IMO down, and folks saying IMO doens’t know what they are doing.

Either way, I was out of my favorite Skype app on my iPhone.

I tried the ‘official’ Skype app, and that was literally garbage IMHO.

I finally found one that others have recommended, but now I want to recommend it as well.

It’s called IM+ Pro by SHAPE.

This is a wonderful app that works beautifully with Skype, gTalk and more.  (Those are the ones I need anyway).

Push notifications work great, and the interface is nicely done.

It was well worth the one-time $4.99 price tag.

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