Wired headset for Mitel or Business VOIP Phone

Recently I have been working with a Mitel 5330 IP phone.  These phones have a port on the back for a headset.

I had an old plantronics headset laying around (not the amp, just the headset) and I hoped that by plugging it into the back, it would work for this phone.  After all, one of the main features of this phone was the Headset-readiness.

That old Plantronics headset did not work.  So I benched the idea for a while until I ran across a product on Amazon called the T100 Headset.  This headset said it would work for VOIP Headset ready phones, so I gave it a try.

It seems to work pretty well.  The sound is not as `full` as those with the amplifiers, but for $19.95 it was a great purchase.  (Those amplifier types start at around $80)

Check it out from Amazon below.


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