IMO Alternative that’s actually worth using on iPhone

UPDATE: Now IMO doesn’t support ANY third party chatting apps.  🙁  The alternative is still going strong, and still very much recommend it.

IMO was one of the best instant messaging apps for iPhone and iPad until recently when they lost skype and 3rd party support.

There is all kinds of blame going around the web.  People saying Skype and Microsoft shut IMO down, and folks saying IMO doens’t know what they are doing.

Either way, I was out of my favorite Skype app on my iPhone.

I tried the ‘official’ Skype app, and that was literally garbage IMHO.

I finally found one that others have recommended, but now I want to recommend it as well.

It’s called IM+ Pro by SHAPE.

This is a wonderful app that works beautifully with Skype, gTalk and more.  (Those are the ones I need anyway).

Push notifications work great, and the interface is nicely done.

It was well worth the one-time $4.99 price tag.

Click the button below to download from the App Store:


Wii Disney Just Dance – What Does Dad Think?

We got the Disney Just Dance Wii game this Christmas.   I will say that the game is a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.

As a Dad of 4, I thought this game was going to be a great way to keep the kids busy and active while they were stuck inside the house this winter.  After watching just a couple rounds, I found myself up and looking for the spare Wii remote.

I never knew just how hard it was to keep moving to the beat.  Song after song, I think I’ll get the hang of this right around April 🙂

All the songs inside the game (song listing below) were nice and clean, and even included some of the classics I used to hear when I was a kid.

Our Favorites Just Dances and Scoring?:

Shake it up, SIMP – Squirrels in my pants, This is me and Bear Necessities are our favorite grooving tunes.

Shake it UP:

Bear Necessities:

Like I said above, the dances took a little time for me to get the hang of.  At first, I didn’t know how the game was actually scoring anything I did.

If you look at the pics above, there are 4 little ‘guys’ at the top of the screen.  They tell you how you are doing.

This is the one I saw all the time at first:

When he makes an ‘uh-oh’ sound, that means you missed something.

After a while, when I learned to move on the beat to the music, I started seeing more of these guys:

When they are happy and you are moving on the beat, then give you a big smile and throw little stars out.   If you keep moving to the beat, you eventually get a little ‘flame’ growing at the end – which means you are on fire!

After about a day, I was able to keep up with the wife and kids.  I even won a couple rounds 🙂


Wii Just Dance Disney Party Songs:

The kiddos love the songs inside this game, and we find ourselves looking for them all around the web.  Since I only found a few places with a full listing, I thought I would list them here for you:

Wii Just Dance Disney Party Song Listing:

  • The Bare Necessities – The Jungle Book
  • Be Our Guest- Beauty and the Beast
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi–Boo- Cinderella
  • Calling All the Monsters- A.N.T. Farm
  • Everything Is Not As It Seems – Wizards of Waverly Place
  • Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat- The AristoCats
  • Fly to Your Heart- Tinker Bell
  • Following the Leader-Peter Pan
  • Hang In There Baby- Good Luck Charlie
  • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride- Lilo & Stitch
  • Hey Jessie – Jessie
  • Hoedown Throwdown- Hannah Montana: The Movie
  • I Thought I Lost You- Bolt
  • It’s a Small World – It’s a Small World
  • I’ve Got a Dream- Tangled
  • The Muppet Show Theme- The Muppets
  • Shake It Up- Shake It Up
  • S.I.M.P.Squirrels In My Pants- Phineas and Ferb
  • Something That I Want- Tangled
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious- Mary Poppins
  • That’s How You Know- Enchanted
  • This Is Me- Camp Rock
  • Twist My Hips- Shake It Up
  • Under the Sea- The Little Mermaid
  • We’re All In This Together- High School Musical



Tons of Fun – Even for the Dads!

If you are looking for a great way to keep your kids active, (and tire them out for bed) this is a great game to have.

Many great dances, all clean and all age friendly.  I’m sold, and off dancing 🙂

Wii Just Dance at Amazon




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Look-alike Dragonvale Costumes – Scary and Fun!

If your son or daughter plays Dragonvale, you can bet they would like to dress up as one this Halloween!

Since they don’t have actual Dragonvale costumes, you can find costumes that look just like the favorite characters in the game.

Here are a couple that might turn your little one into a scary monster!

The Plant Dragon Costume Look-alike:

This head-dress and cape looks like one of the favorites of the game – the Plant Dragon.

Grab the Plant Dragon Look alike Costume at Amazon


The Rain Dragon Costume Look-alike:

The rain dragon is a favorite in the Water habitat.  This look alike costume costume would definitely work.

The reviews on this one says the sizes run a bit small, so be sure to order a size up or 2 for your child.

The Rain Dragon Look-alike Costume at Amazon


The Fire Dragon Costume Look-alike Head:

This one looks like the Fire Dragon’s head.  This would work great with a red cape.

Fire Dragon Look-alike costume at Amazon


Baby Cold Dragon Costume Look-alike:

This costume is for the little guys and gals.  Newborn and baby sizes.

Baby Cold Dragon Costume Look-alike


Lava Dragon Costume Look-alike:

This costume is actually from the movie How To Train Your Dragon, but it also looks like the Lava Dragon.

Lava Dragon Look-alike at Amazon