Run Windows XP 7 on your iPad? – Sorry!

If you search Google,  you will notice many people exclaiming: Install XP on your iPad – Run Windows 7 Natively on your iPad!  Well these guys are all wrong.

I went looking for this because I was interested in running some other kind of OS on my iPad.  I wanted to feel like this tablet was more of a laptop replacement, for when I needed more ‘abilities’ when i’m out and about.  I found many YouTube videos of people showing off Windows in the iPad, but curiously nobody would say how they got it to work.

Well the truth is that to this date, I found that no one has Windows XP or 7 running on the iPad.  (If i am wrong then please let me know).

If you see Windows 7 or XP running on an iPad, then they are probably running some kind of Remote Desktop (thin) client or VNC app.

In my searchings I came across WYSE Pocket Cloud, and while it is not Windows XP or 7 running natively, it does give great performance remoting into a computer that I have at home.  All I had to do is allow remote desktop connections into my computer, then open the WYSE program and put the computer’s information in the setup screen.

It worked quite well.  It was not exactly what I was looking for in terms of a more powerful iPad device, but could come handy in a pinch if I needed access to something that the iPad cannot do.

I paid 14.99 for this app out of the App store.  It is a promotional price for a limited time.  Regular price $29.99

You can check it out here: %CODE1%