Look-alike Dragonvale Costumes – Scary and Fun!

If your son or daughter plays Dragonvale, you can bet they would like to dress up as one this Halloween!

Since they don’t have actual Dragonvale costumes, you can find costumes that look just like the favorite characters in the game.

Here are a couple that might turn your little one into a scary monster!

The Plant Dragon Costume Look-alike:

This head-dress and cape looks like one of the favorites of the game – the Plant Dragon.

Grab the Plant Dragon Look alike Costume at Amazon


The Rain Dragon Costume Look-alike:

The rain dragon is a favorite in the Water habitat.  This look alike costume costume would definitely work.

The reviews on this one says the sizes run a bit small, so be sure to order a size up or 2 for your child.

The Rain Dragon Look-alike Costume at Amazon


The Fire Dragon Costume Look-alike Head:

This one looks like the Fire Dragon’s head.  This would work great with a red cape.

Fire Dragon Look-alike costume at Amazon


Baby Cold Dragon Costume Look-alike:

This costume is for the little guys and gals.  Newborn and baby sizes.

Baby Cold Dragon Costume Look-alike


Lava Dragon Costume Look-alike:

This costume is actually from the movie How To Train Your Dragon, but it also looks like the Lava Dragon.

Lava Dragon Look-alike at Amazon




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