Precompiling your Visual Web Developer Projects

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Precompiling Web Projects
Visual Web Developer – Microsoft’s free version of Visual Studio, is a great tool to create quality Sites.  VWD being free- does not include all the tools that Visual Studio does. In this case VWD does not include the option to precompile your web project.

Why Precompile?
Well – there are a couple reasons.  First, to remove all code in your project and place it in compiled DLL’s.

This may be a good option for those who host on a shared server.  That way your code is not placed in plain text on the server for others to see.

Next, to save server resources.  The first hit on the server is when the project is compiled.  If you precompile, then it saves those resources by not having to compile on the server.

Lastly, Mono’s vb compiler for Linux is a few steps behind the C# compiler.
If you have a LAMA server,  and like to use VB as your language.  You can precompile your site to ensure that it will work correctly.

Use The Precompiling tool!
You can use this handy GUI to precompile your websites. Precompiler

NOTE: This is a ClickOnce Program, you may have to use Internet Explorer or Firefox to open it from the website.

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