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Linux, Apache, MySql, Asp.Net — The best of ALL Worlds!

Create Quality web applications and host them on a Linux Server!

Best-of-all-worldsFor a long time, if you were an developer you pretty much were stuck hosting your creations on a Windows IIS Server.

For many, this is a costly decision because there is added cost to either purchasing Windows Server, or choosing to host on a shared Windows platform.  Now you have the choice to create applications, and host them with todays most popular server platform, Linux and Apache. 

Using Mono, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server, and Visual Web Developer,  you can have a Linux server that serves pages!

This tutorial will show you how to setup your LAMA server, and Visual web developer to create quality websites using free software.


LAMA – The best of all worlds tutorial

Ubuntu 8.04LTS and your LAMA Server
Installing Mono on Ubuntu 8.04
Configuring Samba File Sharing on your LAMA Server
Using Visual Web Developer for LAMA
LAMA Apache Configuration
Ubuntu MySql Configuration
An MySql Test Site

LAMA Tools and Utilities: Website Precompiler Tool

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