Kids Tree Houses

Climbing on trees, plucking fruits and playing in tree houses always fascinate children. It is too much fun to build your own tree house when you are a child. The picture stays in your memory forever and it is indeed very special. As a father you must try and build a tree house with your children to make their childhood stage special. There are several tree house ideas that will help you make a beautiful tree house.

Planning: Firstly you need to have a plan in place to build a tree house. You must figure out on which tree you will build the house. You have to sketch the design of the house and be sure of the size of the house. You will need to arrange the materials and tools that will be needed for the house. Then there is furniture that would go in the house. All these things have to be worked upon before you actually start building a tree house.

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Selection of Tree: The most important thing is that your tree house must be very strong and safe. As a result the tree you select must be sturdy. You can build the house on any tree as long as it is mature and strong. It is a good idea to build your tree house on a maple tree. With the changes in season and climate the tree should be able to hold the house well. The other thing you must check is that the tree is free from any dangerous insects or reptiles.

Designing: The next step is to design the house. You must ideally make a proper sketch of the house on a paper with precise measurements that will make your job very easy. The size of the house must be determined, whether you want to go for a house with one room or two rooms. This will also depend on the tree you have selected. You should have a proper sketch of your house including the placement of rooms and measurements.

Materials: When you look for materials to build your tree house, first try and get as many as possible from within your farm. It is a better idea than directly hitting the market and buying expensive materials. If you can get it around your house it will save your cost and efforts. Try and use only strong materials to build your house. This will make your house last long. Maybe many of your future generations will enjoy in it.

Colors: The next step is to decide on the colors of the house. Use colors that can stand all weathers and do not fade too soon. You must ideally leave this choice to your kids. They will be more than willing to make this choice and they will even love to paint the tree house on their own. Such tree house ideas form an important part of a child’s growing up. This house is going to belong to kids so let them have their say in the coloring part. You could supervise while they perform this activity.

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Furnishing: The last part would be to handle furnishing and d├ęcor. This again is the domain of children and should be left to them. Let them handle what they wish to stuff there and how they would make it comfortable and cozy for themselves. Now that I have shared all the tree house ideas with you, you must seriously think of building one for your children.

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